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Hairy Up

Another protective style I was able to do quickly on old hair. Its a twist around the crown, pulled back into a low pony with the ends tucked.


One solo curl decided to take a stand against my protective styling. It managed to stay hidden until I’d finished flat twisting my whole head. Blast.

[Bon]nie No Clyde

Hope you’re not tired of seeing my fat head yet, cuz here goes more pictures 😉 Yet another protective style: This time it’s the same chunky two strand twists from the last hair post, but I’ve pulled them up into a high bun and wrapped a scarf around to hide the frizz add depth and …

Hair it Goes

More protective styling: This here is some chunky two strand twists tucked into a low bun. I did this on the old hair from the last hair photo. Still haven’t washed this junk yet O_o!

Buns, Buns Baby [read to the beat of Ice, Ice, Baby]

So one thing I haven’t been failing at [praise] is protective styling. Here you’ll see that I have 2 flat twists wrapped into a low sock bun. It’s a little frizzy, but I didn’t mean for it to be extremely neat. Just something quick that I threw together that morning. Ask me how!

Flat Twist Shawty

So I’m trying to do protective styles for the rest of the month. Below I have flat twists wrapped into a low bun. Real simple, the part that took the longest was probably de-tangling after co-washing. Post questions if you have them! Especially if you want to know what products I used and the specifics …


I’m trying more protective styles, so today I did a sock bun. It came out nicely 🙂 I usually wear my hair out, so here’s to protected ends *clap clap bravo*