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I’m Thankful: Beanies, Hats, Scarves

Praise Gawd for beanies, scarves and hats; basically anything that will hide the fact that underneath I have Celie plaits and flexi rollers. I have really long thick hair, so it takes FOREVER for it to dry. Woke up this morning (after letting my hair set all night) and it’s still very damp. All women …

Hairy Up

Another protective style I was able to do quickly on old hair. Its a twist around the crown, pulled back into a low pony with the ends tucked.


One solo curl decided to take a stand against my protective styling. It managed to stay hidden until I’d finished flat twisting my whole head. Blast.

[Bon]nie No Clyde

Hope you’re not tired of seeing my fat head yet, cuz here goes more pictures 😉 Yet another protective style: This time it’s the same chunky two strand twists from the last hair post, but I’ve pulled them up into a high bun and wrapped a scarf around to hide the frizz add depth and …

Hair it Goes

More protective styling: This here is some chunky two strand twists tucked into a low bun. I did this on the old hair from the last hair photo. Still haven’t washed this junk yet O_o!

Buns, Buns Baby [read to the beat of Ice, Ice, Baby]

So one thing I haven’t been failing at [praise] is protective styling. Here you’ll see that I have 2 flat twists wrapped into a low sock bun. It’s a little frizzy, but I didn’t mean for it to be extremely neat. Just something quick that I threw together that morning. Ask me how!

Flat Twist Shawty

So I’m trying to do protective styles for the rest of the month. Below I have flat twists wrapped into a low bun. Real simple, the part that took the longest was probably de-tangling after co-washing. Post questions if you have them! Especially if you want to know what products I used and the specifics …


I’m trying more protective styles, so today I did a sock bun. It came out nicely 🙂 I usually wear my hair out, so here’s to protected ends *clap clap bravo*