Foooood (Detox Update)

Alright y’all, the [starving] storm is over. Alas I can eat again! For those of you who didn’t read my last detox post, I willingly volunteered to do the master cleanse, aka lemonade detix, aka the diet Beyonce did in order to lose 20lbs for Dream Girls. Let me just tell you about my experience.

First of all, I aspired to do 10 days, I completed 7 and I’m still proud of myself. I started feeling more sickly than refreshed so I decided I needed to transition back to solid foods, butttt I also stopped following the detox recipe.

The recipe calls for purified water, fresh squeezed lemons, grade B organic maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Well, I nixed the cayenne pepper from jump (I’d tried the detox before and couldn’t make myself drink the concoction with the pepper). Then, slowly but surely, I started leaving out the maple syrup cuz I didn’t like it *folds arms* buttttt if you read up on the recipe it will tell you that that’s where most of your nutrition comes from.

So towards the latter end of the detox I was basically just drinking lemon water, until I started getting tired of it and eventually just started getting tired period. I decided it was time to eat again even though I was terrified of gaining all the weight back.

Over the course of the detox I lost 10lbs in 7 days and 3 inches around my waist *does happy dance*. Now I’d read many reviews of people who gained most of their weight back once returning to solid foods, and I fully expect(ed) to gain back at least about half of that weight. But I also read that a lot of people gain the weight back because once they begin eating again they over-eat.

Soooo, as a result I tried to ease solid foods back into my diet, I actually still haven’t eaten solid foods yet (3 days later). But “baby tonight’s the night” *John Legend voice* lol. On Day 1 after the detox I drank OJ and water all day -the suggestion is that you drink fresh squeezed juice, my hands still hurt from squeezing lemons for a week so I bought OJ from the “Simply” line. My stomach fronted like it was going to cut up, but ultimately did not.

On Day 2 I had OJ and then I made some homemade potato soup (ask me for the recipe!) and it was delicious. Yet still no solids.

Today is Day 3 I had OJ for breakfast, will be having more potato soup for lunch, apples for snacks and then tonight I’m going to have the greatest salad EVER.

As far as weight gain over the last couple days, I haven’t gained back any weight at all. In fact I lost another pound. But, I did go to the track yesterday when I had the soup. I walked 4 miles. And yes, literally walked 4 miles.

I plan to go back to the track today and try to do at least 3 miles (walking). I’m walking because I almost passed out twice in my kitchen when I was trying to cut up the veggies for my soup and salad, but who knows, maybe I had my knees locked.

If you decide to do this detox, it’s definitely going to clean you out. My insides feel lovely ^_^ It is not a diet, but there will be weight loss associated with it, but you’ll probably gain at least half of it back. I accidentally made entirely too much soup so I’ll be having soup and salad for the remainder of the week lol. So this week will be predominately meatless and when I do resume eating meat it will of course be lean meats, first on my list is shrimp *does cabbage patch*.

As my diet picks back up, so will my exercise routine. Since I have lost weight over the last 2 years, I now want to work on toning. Specifically abs and legs. Once I’m done with Lent, my goal is to post a fitness pic to Instagram everyday to motivate and keep myself accountable. Check me out there at iamashleylashae!

Later 🙂

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