Detox Shawty

I’m hunnnngrrrrry. I’m currently in the process of doing the Master Cleanse also known as the Lemonade Detox also known as the diet Beyonce went on before Dream Girls and lost 20 lbs.

The detox consists of no solid foods for 7-14 days and drinking an abundance of water and the lemonade mixture. The mixture has lemons, purified water, organic grade B maple syrup (blechh), and cayenne pepper (which I omitted). You want to get in about 6-8 glasses of the lemonade and as much water as you like. There’s also a saltwater flush (that I omitted) and an herbal laxative tea that goes along with it.

I have the following tips for you if you’re thinking about doing this detox:

  1. Stay near a bathroom.
  2. Drink your tea in a time frame that allots you ample time to use the bathroom in the morning. You can NOT rush the movement.
  3. Stock up on toilet paper.
  4. Invest in a lemon squeezer.
  5. Beware of hang nails, paper cuts and any other open wounds.
  6. Avoid cafeterias, teacher lounges and any other space used for eating during/after lunch time. –Smells linger.
  7. Fast food is not your friend. In fact, food is not your friend. If you break detox, expect your stomach to go ape shit.

I decided to do this detox to jump start my fitness journey for the summer. There will be a lot of weight loss, less of it that actually stays off, but I just wanted that little nudge. Plus it cleans out your system ever so well.

Comment for more detail!


(*this detox was completed before the post was released.)

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