She’s Always Right, He’s Never Wrong…

Sooooo, men commonly argue that “a woman always thinks she’s right” and blah blah blah. Well, I’ve got news for you guys. Men are the EXACT same way. Lemme explain.

There are very few men who regularly admit that they are wrong and then apologize. Now don’t get this confused with him apologizing, because men are much more giving with the apologies than a geniune confession that he was wrong and sorry about it. Here’s the difference:

“You’re right, that was fucked messed up. I apologize for that.” or even a simple “That was my bad/fault. I apologize.”


“Damn girl! I’m sorry. Shit Shoot what else you want me to say!?” (-_-)

I want you to mean what you’re actually saying fool. Not just say it to appease me.

 And generally when a guy willingly takes ownership over his discretions in a relationship “Baby I was wrong, I’m sorry”, it’s when you have realllllly effed up (say cheating, got caught in a lie, forgot an important date, missed the birth of a child, etc.) or after hours of her fussing, cussing, and/or crying.

There are many many more men who:

a.)Don’t think they’re wrong, but still apologize to shut her up 

b.)Know their wrong, but won’t admit their wrong and just apologize to shut her up 

c.)Don’t think they’re wrong and will not apologize–eventually she’ll get over it.

Now fellas, y’all ALWAYS talmbout how women think they’re right all the time, which may be true for most; but you guys NEVER think you’re wrong. Well, uhhh, I think that’s about the same thing if you ask me. *dusts hands off after proving point*

You all just know how to mask your bs with an apology, whereas a woman is more likely to turn blue in the face arguing before waiving the white flag. I can’t give you a logical reason why we do that, but ehh, the squeaky wheel gets the oil… or so I’ve heard 🙂

Later lovers,


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