It’s Just Baby Weight…

Time for an update regarding my fitness and health. I’m sad to say that I have falling off the wagon for the last two months. As a result, I have gained roughly 7 lbs. *cue heart attack now* 7 lbs is a newborn, I’ve got baby weight!

Now it was easy for me to gain the 7 lbs because before I was primarily eating what I wanted but just exercising like a beast. I’ll be honest, making healthy food choice decisions is my weakness. That’s why I’ve tried so many diets and detox, because I’ve been searching for something I could settle and adjust to. But so far, I revert right back to my old habits.

Since I haven’t been exercising, the weight has been slowly adding up. –Well the lbs stop now! I’m not going to wait until New Years to say I’m going to lose weight and eat healthier, I’m starting this week. Otherwise by New Years all I’ll want to do is go play in traffic after sacrificing all my hard work for McDonald’s new spicy chicken sandwich extra value meal for less than $4. #realniggasfeelme

So because I recognize my biggest barrier to accomplishing my fitness goals is my diet, I’m really focusing on getting that right because most of weight loss is in your diet. As a result, I’ve decided to do the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge.

Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge is a weight loss and fitness challenge platform. It’s a system that includes shakes, cookies, energy drinks, vitamins, etc. based off of your individual needs. I’ve chosen this program for a few reasons.

  1. It will hold me accountable for at least the next 90 days. (in which I plan to repeat)
  2. The shakes have a ton of nutritional value which I originally tried to get by eating lots of fresh fruit, juicing and blending fresh fruit and vegetable shakes. –I wasn’t able to keep this up because it’s really expensive to buy fresh fruits and vegetables (especially organic) and I wasn’t eating it all fast enough, therefore wasting money.
  3. To get some experience owning a personal business –because not only am I taking the challenge, I am also promoting the challenge which means that you can buy from me here.

This post isn’t necessarily to sell the product today, because at this point I haven’t even tried it yet. But I will keep you all updated on my challenge and if you decide it’s something you would like to try, you can see it on my website at

I’m still going to pick back up on my fitness goals, so you’ll also see more posts about my workout routine. There comes a point in every woman’s life where we have to stop claiming “it’s just baby weight.” My time is now.

7lbs. *_*

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