Displaced Feelings

Setting: Girl sits alone at table in a half empty restaurant.

Phone lights up, message reads “Running late, be there soon.”

Girl: I finally agree to see him and he decides to show up late. Looks at watch. 6:36 pm. I’ll give him 10 more minutes then I’m out of here. Waitress walks up.

Waitress: “Good evening, I’ll be your server tonight. What can I get you to drink?

Girl: “Waters fine. Thank you.” 

Waitress: “Would you like a lemon in that?”

Girl: “Umm, yes please. That’d be great.” Flashes a weak smile. Waitress walks away, girl glares at phone. 6:38 pm. He better hurry the hell up. Waitress returns.

Waitress: “Here you go ma’am. Water for you.” No lemon. “Could I start you off with an appetizer or are you ready to order?”

Girl: “Actually I’m waiting for someone. Once he gets here I’ll order.”

Waitress: “Ok no problem ma’am. I’ll be back to check on you in a bit.” Waitress skips away. Restaurant begins to get more crowded.

Girl: This must be the dinner crowd. I can’t sit here looking like a spinster for too much longer. 6:41 pm. Picks up phone. Let’s check Facebook, at least look busy. Waitress speeds by the table and reverses abruptly.

Waitress: “You still good ma’am?”

Girl: Hell no I’m not good, I’m still waiting on this dumb ass aren’t I? “Umm yes, I’m fine. I think you forgot my lemon though.” Waitress slaps forehead.

Waitress: “Oh my gosh, I’m SO sorry about that. I’ll get that for you right now.” Speeds away in the opposite direction of the kitchen.

Girl: Drinks glass of water and turns back to phone. Would you look at that? They’re in a relationship now. How cute. Scrolls aggressively. Oh wow, they’ve got kids now? Shut up! 6:47 pm. Waitress walks up to table to refill glass of water. No lemon.

Waitress: Flashes girl a smile. “Everything ok?’

Girl: Look at her all preppy and shit. Where’s my lemon Ms. Happy-pants? Points at glass. “My lemon.”

Waitress: Looks surprised. “Oh dear! I’ve done it again. I’m going to go ahead and get that for you.” Waitress speeds away.. A laughing couple walk by and accidentally knock the glass of water on the table.

Girlfriend: “See look what you made me do!” Slapping boyfriend’s chest. Turns to girl, “I’m SO sorry about that.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, my fault.” Looks at girlfriend. “Well really yo’ fault, watch where you swinging that thang girl.” Grabs girlfriend at the waist while she giggles and pushes his hand away.

Girl: Great, now I have to watch tweedle dee and tweedle dumb fondle each other while I sit here and wait. To couple, “Really its okay, no problem.” Couple walks away. Damn it. Water runs down the side of the table, girl signals waitress. 6:51 pm.

Waitress: “Hi. You ready to order?”

Girl: “No, someone knocked over my glass of water. I just need some extra paper towel.”

Waitress: Pulls napkins out of her apron. “There you go! Just let me know when you’re ready to order.”

Girl: “I’m still waiting. But you can get me that lemon.” I hope she detects that attitude cuz I meant for her to know now.

Waitress: “Sure thing!” Walks away.

Girl: 6:53 pm. What the fuck? Looks at phone, no new messages. Fine, Twitter it is then. Waitress returns to the table.

Waitress: “Ma’am, would you like to go ahead and order?” Eyes creep over to empty seat and back to the girl. “We have a special today on our clam chow–“

Girl: “I thought I told you I was waiting on someone? Listen, I’ll order when he gets here.” Waitress stares. “And bring me my damn lemon would you?!” Waitress nods and hurries away. Man, forget this bullshit. Gathers belongings and turns toward restaurant exit. Obstacle.

Guy: “Wait, where you going ma?”

To be continued…




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