Spoken Word: ShEther-Fake Love


I really wanted to be mad considering how shit went down; I was bamboozled, found out you both were just clowns. But I’m actually somewhat relieved and I feel bad for the girl. Cuz at this very second she’s still living in her delusional world.
The one where she believes that she’ll be the one in due time. The only thing she has to do is wait for him to change his mind. But I wonder if she’ll ever see that there is a trend, one unfortunately that she’s had with most her “men”. The ones that fuck her and lie to her when no one’s around; and then wife the next chick because she was the rebound. And so the story goes that she’ll cling for a year or two, until she finds another host to attach herself to.

At first when we became friends, I swear I thought it was them. I thought dudes was doing her dirty and that she was the victim. So that day when she was out and got popped by ex bae’s new bitch… of course idda encouraged her to go and flip her shit. I heard dude actually had her escorted out and honest to God I ain’t know what that shit was about. Hear her tell it, he still wanted her though, but I ain’t realize he hadn’t talked to her since months ago.

Then somehow she managed to latch herself on to a new one. But I had more respect for him cuz he blatantly told her they were done. But that ain’t stop her from stalking all his social media pages, showing up where he was at just to come in guns blazing. And he would shoulder shrug, like this girl is stupid — he wasn’t worried bout ya emotions what the fuck was you doing?

And now what do we have here, you think you got a new “man”. All I hear is the bomb ticking till the shit happens again. He’ll play with you now while he still has an itch to scratch, but when he decides to move on we know you won’t detach. Hell at this point you been waiting on him, what like 8 years? And all he’s gonna do is leave ya ass to drown in ya own tears.

And what’s sad is it’s not just about the men, it’s the way you are to all of ya “friends”. You purposefully push them into fucked up situations, because ya own self-esteem is dying from starvation. Something about being surrounded by drama gives you validation, you seem to power up off of other’s frustration.

That’s tough having to live in the life that you live, because as long as you are empty you have nothing to give. And you can boast about the money you make from day to day, I hope the coins keep you company since the niggas never stay. Chicks stay feeling themselves until they end up alone, but baby girl you got it, you know you good and you grown.

And I heard that you up and enrolled ya self back in school, I’m glad because ya spelling and grammar had folk thinking you was a fool. Trying to decode your words like mixed messages, meanwhile keyboard killer strikes again, this shit’s effortless.

Oan I like how you really tried to turn the tables around, and make it seem like he never ever wanted to be down. Like I was toy that he picked up to play and that he never wanted shit to do with me at the end of the day. And if that was how he felt then trust me it’s fine, but can somebody explain why he’s still hitting my line?

If I was just a bop then he hadn’t nothing to lose, if I was never really an option then ain’t shit to choose. I was just the vacation where he spent most of his time, but I guarantee you in my absence I’m still running his mind. And when he laid up suffocated under the weight of your emptiness, his mind will undoubtedly wander back and start to reminisce. To the curves of my hips, the softness of my lips, the scent of my sex, the way my back flex, the depths of my soul, the fact my heart gold… and he will look you in your eyes, and kiss you goodnight sweetheart; meanwhile plotting ways to get back around these parts.

Apparently I’m nothing, and was never a threat. And I can live with that cuz I know that I’m hard to forget. And because of that I’ll be on your mind too, that’s why you so hard pressed with all of ya crew. I’m not taking it personal I’m just pulling ya card, because when you double cross a Queen you bound to get charred.

My regards,

Will. Not. Lose.



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