Ashley’s Anecdote: Girl Fight Part 2

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I swear I blinked and in 1.2 seconds all of them were just taking turns tagging Catalyst.

Now I have to superman dive over the backseat because I can’t get out on my side because my shit-talking friend has parked too close to the truck beside us. Defense is seemingly taking her sweet precious time getting out the front seat and she didn’t have a Ford truck blocking her exit.

It started off as an attempt to separate the SC chicks fists from my friend’s face. Which would have worked, if Catalyst would’ve just stopped popping off at the mouth. Right when we were about to walk away from the mess, Catalyst says something along the lines of “I’ll beat each one of your asses.” This is where shit hits the fan royally.

The girls try to jump her, but it was the most polite jump ever. They actually hit Defense on accident and apologized to her and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hit you, I was trying to get that bitch.” At this point, Defense is really only acting as a barricade between Catalyst and the SC chicks. I don’t know at what point I got hit, but I wasn’t hearing no apology. Now I’m dragging bitches down college street because you wanted to be petty over a parking space.

Cars are riding by on creep, people have their phones out and all I was waiting for was somebody to yell “WORLDSTARRRR!” Any other time, there would have been cops all over uptown to end this madness, but ironically tonight there were none to be found. And of all the onlookers, not a one of them attempted to break us up. In a desperate attempt to get one of the girls off of her, Catalyst accidentally pushed the little petite one into the street into oncoming traffic.

When I tell you the look on her face was priceless as she screamed, “BITCH, YOU TRYNA KILL ME!” And damn near ran and football tackled Catalyst. Lil’ Bit went postal for a second.

I honestly don’t know how we all stopped fighting, hell maybe we got tired. But once it was time to go we realized we had lost Catalyst keys because one of the girls had thrown her purse. Come to find out the keys had gotten tangled in a scarf one of the SC girls had on.

The fight is subsiding, Catalyst is still trying to talk shit. Now, me and my hulk strength (cuz you know those endorphins are something serious) drag Catalyst down the street like a disobedient child just to put some space between her and SC chicks. We get to the corner of the street and 2 guys stop us like “We just saw y’all scrapping down there, y’all held your own!”

I. AM. LIVID.  I have a career, I work in the school system and this bitch just had me interchangeably fighting five other college educated bitches from South Carolina over a damn parking space and now I have a fucking fan club for being a ratchet. Defense didn’t throw not one punch, she was the most passive person to ever have help you in a fight. Catalyst couldn’t fight…

and it was then I knew she had more white friends than black when she was growing up.

And then there was me. Lil’ Scrappy.

Defense says, “Hey your face is bleeding.” As if I wasn’t already pissed, now you’re telling me one of them hoes drew blood?! Now I’m Scarface because of a parking space and 2 non-fighting friends? I confiscate the keys from Catalyst and walk into the club across the street to head straight to the bathroom to look at my face.

Along the right side of my face there’s a scratch from about my forehead to under my eye. When Catalyst’s keys had gotten caught in one of the girl’s scarves, I got keyed while trying to break them up. I got my effin face keyed, over a parking space. A. parking. space.

Never again. Never. Next time I’m just gonna let her ass get beat up. Hell, I wanted to fight her just for putting me in such a compromising situation. Like, what in the whole hell are 8 grown ass women doing throwing hands over a parking space. I’m tired of being the ride or die.

I love my friends to death, but next time I risk it all, it really better be over something substantial that my lawyer can use to defend me in court. I’m too old for this shit.

-lil scrAppy.

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  • All I can say is wow after reading that story. It’s amazing what people fight over…how trivial things can change the course of action just like that. So glad you and hopefully your friends learned a valuable lesson…choose your fights wisely bc you never know what someone will do. Every disagreement, however you may think it affects your pride, isn’t worth getting physical over. Now my friends and I applaud each other at the moments we’re able to keep calm and handle a situation like adults and not like we’re in high school… great story!

    • Girl yes, the growth is real. Now if I pop someone, they truly deserved it lol. But thanks again for reading, I really appreciate your comments!

  • LMBO I like how you narrated that story?

  • I love how your stories are so detailed, I felt like I was in the parking lot with you! LOL

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