Fresh Start: Job vs. Career. Passion plus Purpose

Timing has always been a bitch.

It has never been on my side. Whether something was a waste of time, the wrong point in time or just not having time period. Finally. Fiy-nuh-leeeeeee. Time has gotten on board with the kid.

Just to give a quick run down of my last 5 years in the career world:

  • 2011: I took a job in education straight out of college because it was the only job offer I had  —even though I never wanted to work in education [in retrospect, that was a terrible idea].
  • 2012: I realized I wasn’t satisfied in my career and sought to pursue grad school after working another year in education
  • 2013: Grad school said naw bih, my contracted position ended so I went to work a summer job (in education) in DC to keep from having to work on the pole… shortly thereafter I was offered a permanent position (in education).
  • 2014: I determined that job in education wasn’t the right fit for me and took ANOTHER job in education.
  • 2015: I determined that job in education wasn’t the right fit for me and took ANOTHER job in education. –They say the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I was insane.

The second half of 2015 God finally put me out of my misery. He removed me from education, starved of me of any stability for 6 months where the only thing I could rely on was Him. With no job, no cushion and no choice but to wait on Him.

2016: I got a job working with mortgages, I thought it was only going to be temporary because I knew absolutely nothing about mortgages and was waiting to hear back from a job I “really wanted” in education.

God musta known I was about to blow it. When I tell you he smacked down that offer so fast. It was like He finally realized that if He didn’t remove it fully from my life, that I would keep going the wrong direction, like a moth to a flame. At the time, I was devastated. I thought that was where I was supposed to be…

Aren’t ya glad God be knowing?

Just trust Me

2016– I’m in this position as a mortgage consultant, sulking because I thought I’d been denied greatness again…but as fate would have it, I’m probably the most satisfied I’ve ever been in a career the whole time I’ve been working.

My point is, sometimes you can become so used to mediocrity and your safety net of what you’re used to, that you won’t pull yourself out of a situation that is not helping you to grow. You’ll keep sitting in the same situation, maybe change the scenery but ultimately the same story –until your eyes get opened by some life shaking change of events. 2015: My life got flipped turned upside down *cues Fresh Prince* but it took that happening for me to get pushed out of a situation I’d been in for 4 years.


At my lowest point, I also really discovered my passion, this here blog. I made a business plan. I found a purpose. I changed my mindset from forever being an employee to an entrepreneur. Never. woulda. happened. If I stayed on the course I was on, moving from job to job with my only ambition being to survive.

I thought, there must be other people out there wondering why they haven’t been more successful or why they haven’t gotten ahead. This is your wake up alarm, maybe if you get up now God won’t have to strip you nekkid and whoop ya like He had to do me so I would finally see.

You are not destined to live an unhappy, unfulfilled, mediocre “life”. You are meant to have life more abundantly. You are meant to be favored. You are meant to be fruitful and multiply.

Now, I have business plans, a relaunched blog and I just got a promotion (in under 7 months) in the job I JUST started this year. Sometimes a fresh start is all you really need, even if it means walking (or being pushed) away from everything you’ve ever known.

I wanna hear your story, comment below! Now if only I can get time popping in my love life, I might actually be on to something…

Be blessed,


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