Dear Black Man: Bullets and Jail Bars

Dear Black Man,

I pray for you everyday. I pray for your protection.

That God protects your body from bullets and jail bars. From trigger happy authorities who seek to steal your life. They’d rather take you off this earth than watch you grow up and become better men than them, than their fathers, than their father’s fathers. So they strip our families of one of our most important assets to perpetuate a broken culture. And then they shame us, for growing up fatherless. While their hands are bloody red they throw cuffs around your wrists because if they can’t kill you, they’ll try to imprison you. Because they need to put space between you and the difference you can make. And to take your voice, they’ll put you in a place where no one can hear you but God.

I pray for you everyday. I pray for your protection.

That God protects your mind from bullets and jail bars.  From prejudiced, bigoted supremacists who fear the power of a woke brother. They’ll display pictures of money, cars and women to distract you from your purpose. Because they know if you walk in your purpose, you can get all of your heart’s desires without having to worship their dollar. They would rather shackle your mind and make you think that you aren’t worth more than a physical ability to play a sport, when you could do that and much more. Let them know that they can not curb your appetite for awareness and they can not quench your thirst for knowledge. You are not some law-breaking, drug-dealing thug who can only make money the fast way even though that’s the picture they always paint. Well I see a crown in your photograph.

I pray for you everyday. I pray for your protection.

That God protects your soul from bullets and jail bars. From low-esteemed, wounded-ego-having cowardly boys who see a king and feel threatened by his presence. Instead of learning from you they’d rather try to break your spirit. They want respect handed to them on a silver platter whereas you earn it. They know you are a force to be reckoned with. So they try to push you back down into poverty to live like crabs in a barrel and even when you pull yourself up by your bootstraps they’ll demean your accomplishments. They envy that you are born with vibrance and rhythm and soul so every chance they get they will try to take the bass out your boom… but they should know better.

Every day I pray for you.

I pray that you are armed with spiritual, emotional and mental bullet proof vests. Because the targets are not just on your back, but on your chest and on your head. There is a bounty on the black man’s life because it is priceless. And though I know it is easy for you to feel anger, defeat and fatigue because you are constantly on the run as if you are really the criminal, I pray for your protection and your strength. That you will not be broken by these bullets and jail bars.


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