Post-Independence Day: Find your Freedom

Well Happy Belated Birthday Amurica…

I’m truly happy you’ve gotten your freedom.

Now, now I’d like to have my freedom. *cues Beyonce*


I feel like I spend  a lot of time wondering what the difference is between myself and those who I view as “successful”.  One of my favorite quotes in regards to that thought: “The most common way we give up our power, is by thinking we don’t have any.” -Alice Walker

The truth is, I could point out all my disadvantages and list all the upper hands that a lot of successful folk seem to have in common, but that doesn’t really matter if I’m only using it as an excuse as to why I’m not more “successful”.

1st off “success” is relative. One person’s success might not measure to what the next person views as success. This is a metric that people continue to measure themselves by, but it doesn’t have a standard formula. And as a result so many people spend their lives miserable on the quest to success but never really reach it because they have no clue what it actually is. Success to me might be making six figures living in a gated community, to another it might be a solid loving family structure, to another it might be a high school diploma and food on the table.

When people spend hella time thinking about what they don’t have or haven’t achieved, it perpetuates an attitude of defeat because you never praise yourself for what you do have or have accomplished. Attitude is part of the formula for success, you also need work ethic/ambition and a vision/desire. If your eyes are always set on the next best thing, when will you be able to see how far you’ve come so far? Being a goal digger is a great thing, as long as you make room to celebrate yourself along the way.

2ndly, people tend to HIGHLY underestimate just how far they can go with a little will, persistence and skill. You’ll never have a real shot at beating the competition, if you take yourself out the race. Self-doubt is one of the biggest deterrents of success. As cheesy as it sounds, you gotta believe in yourself because there’s already enough people out there that are going to doubt what you can do, but you gotta be ready and willing to show them better than you can tell them. <– You can only do that if you’re comfortable walking in your own skin. Hell it’s yours, so you either better like it or take the steps necessary to get to the place where you can flourish.

I say all this to say —2016 is already halfway over. Yes, I know I just blew your mind. Anyways 2016 is more than halfway over. Even if your year has been sub-par thus far, you have the next 6 months to turn that all around.

Independence means freedom. Freedom by definition is the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Take the limits off your mind and floor it towards whatever will set you free. Whether that’s financial freedom, spiritual freedom, emotional freedom, etc etc.

Break some chains. Fuck shit up. As long as you have breath, you have power.

I may talk a lot of shit about things I have no control over, but you can bet your sweet ass that those things I do have control over –I’m grinding for it. Step 1, if you don’t know what your “it” is –stop worrying about everyone else’s and find ya own. Step 2, work for it. Step 3, reach out and teach somebody else how to do it too. Step 4, repeat until you cease to exist.

I hope you feel motivated to take the second half of this year by the horns and ride it till the wheels fall off.

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