Forbidden Fruit: Part 1

You ever see a train wreck happening (metaphorically of course, if you saw it happen in real life, you’d probably need some serious therapy) but anyways, you see and know a train wreck is about to happen and all you can do is let it happen.

I have something like an out-of-body experience every time I see this happening to myself. I’m yelling from the corners of my subconscious “Don’t do it! Run away now. Save yourself while you still can!” And yet, here I am, telling these stories from week to week, because I can’t seem to avoid catastrophe.

I overheard a guy talking to this chick once after she had asked him… “why can’t guys just tell the truth?” His response, “because girls don’t really want to know the truth and they can’t handle it.” She went on to disagree with him and blah blah blah, but I personally can’t say I totally disagree with him. I think that we can be told the truth and either not take it for face value or not use the information to our advantage.

I’ve had guys both lie to me and tell me the truth, and like a fool I have treated each situation about the same. Get mad, pitch a fit, distance myself, let him work his way back into my good graces, get pissed off again, wonder why/how I let him back in, repeat.

For example, this new guy that I’m “talking” to, and I use this term very loosely because there’s a lot of red tape around it… meaning he’s a forbidden fruit. And even with me knowing what happens after tasting forbidden fruit, I keep walking my happy ass right up the tree. Anyways, we started off real platonic… or at least I did. I later learned that he had ulterior motives, but don’t most men? Well, weeks go by, months go by and what started off as harmless daily conversation developed into an interdependence. It became routine, consistent, the usual.

Fellas: When you develop N-E-THING routine with a woman, you may not know it, but you may have just put yourself in a relationship. For example, you both may have agreed to just be bed buddies, but then “all of a sudden” she catches feelings and wants to know if y’all have a future. I air quote “all of a sudden” because it only seems sudden to y’all since men don’t see the feelings adding up with each interaction, but the ladies know when the feelings start developing –we just try to deny and avoid them because we know you don’t want the feels. Until one day, all your tires are flat and f*ckboy is etched on your windows in Ruby Woo lipstick, now all of a sudden we’re crazy.


We would never waste a Mac lipstick. *laughs maliciously*

Ladies: Remember that train wreck I mentioned earlier? What I should’ve done is broken the routine. Walk away from him before he had a chance to walk away from me. It may sound juvenile, but it’s the only way to win a break up. <–That’s how you know I was in too deep, thinking about breaking up with a man that wont ‘eem mine.

Now me and homeboy are spending ample quality time together to really get to know one another… like we made it beyond the typical “so what’s your favorite color?” dialogue and had some real good thought provoking convos. And the best thing about it was that it was organic.

So here’s the problem…

Tune in later this week for the rest of the story!


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