Where Dey at Doe?

Wrote this blog about a year ago (year ago *schmoney dance*)

Oftentimes I wish I was born in a different decade. One where the men cared to be men and court a lady. I’m reallllly into that whole “I’m gonna make you my lady by any means necessary” mentality that men seem to have lost.

I mean now-a-days “men” (and I use that term very loosely) think that all it takes to lock a chick down is some words, a few dinner dates or to slide into her DMs. What the hell happened to asking me out repeatedly even if I told you no the first 2 times, everyone knows 3rd time’s the charm! Or what happened to flowers at work? I don’t give too farts about flowers, but if a man was thoughtful enough to figure out delivery time, the type of flowers I may like and spend the money to buy something that will likely die within the next week, I can appreciate that effort!

Like, where are the men that want to love me past my walls (which I have purposely put up b/c I have detachment issues). I’d like a man to love me til those things come crashing down, not a man who gets frustrated and moves on to the next (seemingly) best thing.

I’m an 80s baby so I grew up watching men slow dance with the woman they love wrapped ever so gently in their arms, now why do I have homeboy in the club trying to bump and grind on my back side messing up my dress? It’s to the point now, if I had a man that wanted to dance face to face (without slow winding to a reggae beat) I’d probably be very awkward –like what is this phenomenon?

Where are the men that do things “just because”? Do y’all still exist? I’ve met so many selfish men it’s ridiculous. So many that don’t think a woman is worth certain luxuries; I’m a great catch so I be damned if you ever communicate to me verbally or non-verbally that I’m not worth anything. You will be emasculated immediately *puts balls in purse*

I’m not saying y’all don’t exist. But I will say that if you are this “I’m gonna make you my woman by any-means-necessary” man that I’m waiting for, then you are the last of a dying breed. AND that you need to make your way to this girl ASAPidly.

I’m not spoiled, high maintenance, or [that much of] a diva; I just have expectations that go beyond being easy. Men used to appreciate a challenge, now they eat sleep shit convenience. And in no way shape or form am I gonna make this easy for you, why? Because I know I’m worth the trouble. And frankly I want to see if you think I’m worth the extra effort..

Moral of the story, no woman wants to be treated like she is disposable, she wants to see your effort, and sending a gift on Facebook doesn’t suffice. Rule of thumb for gift buying for women, we (and by “we” I mean me) like things we can wear: perfume, jewelry, clothes, shoes, ect. Step your game up fellas or step off.

(Potentially) Yours Truly,


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