Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Friend or Foe?

Sometimes you already know the truth about a situation, but you just refuse to accept it. I find that I do this a lot. I say, oh I don’t know we’ll see, but I be knowing.

After 27 years of living, I  think I’ve finally learned my learning style…. I only learn the hard way. I usually have to wait until I’m waist deep in some sh*t before I figure I need to get out. And even then I gotta get my feelings hurt all the way up to my fuck it threshold before I try to walk away without moonwalking back.

Am I the only one with a fuck it threshold? The only one that gets to a point where I’m so pissed/hurt/sad that I’m just like fuck this shit! *flips virtual table*

Today’s fuck it moment is brought to you in part by Fuckboys Unanimous (F.U.). Thank you in advance for sponsoring this rant.

I have very few male friends and when I say friends, I truly mean real friends. Ones that actually check on me to see if I’m okay, if something were to go down I know they would have my back, when I need the male perspective I can call on them to give me an unbiased answer. I almost feel like if you’re a guy that I didn’t meet prior to 2013, that you don’t meet the qualifications of real friendship.

Let me explain, because for every babe these qualifications may be a little different.

I just say 2013 because that was the last time I was in a relationship, and I knew that any new guy that I met at that time was getting friendzoned whether he wanted to or not. Chances are if I knew you before then, you were someone I knew from high school or college, back when you met guys through mutual friends who naturally became friends.

After I was out of school and out of a relationship, I stopped auto-shipping men into the friendzone. Instead I let them make a pit stop to see if they were possibae potential, and then all hell broke loose. The truth is, when you go out or you meet new single men (as a single woman), these fellas are not looking at you like -“Damn, she’d sure make a great friend”. Your intentions may be neutral, but 9 times out of 10 (^_^ statistics) when a man meets you he determines if you’re fuckable.

Now if you’re not hideous, hell even if you ARE hideous but have a decent body –you will pass the fuckable test. Guys innately determine whether or not they would have sex with you, not saying that they will ever follow through, but at the very least they’ve probably thought about it.

The trend that I’ve noticed is with the men that actually want to follow through with this curiosity posing as a “friend”. Ladies, beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Hell some of my male friends ARE wolves in sheep’s clothing and I’m only able to see that because 1. I’ve friendzoned them 2. They ain’t after me. You can always see the bigger picture when you’re not a piece of the puzzle. Get yo’self some perspective and back the hell out of some of these situations so you can see what’s really going on.

And if you ever have a question of whether or not he is a wolf or a sheep, remember that wolves run in packs. So if you take a look at his friends, you will undoubtedly see if he is a pack animal. You never know, you might even be with the alpha (pack leader) and don’t ‘eem know it.

So, I caution you to choose your friends wisely and that isn’t just in reference to same sex friends. (They come with a different set of problems.) Little Red Riding Hood wasn’t the first and the only woman to get tricked by a wolf.

Keep your cape on,


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