It Goes Down in the DMs: The Truth about Community D

So here recently after some intense girl talk, I’ve determined that it does indeed go down in the DM. Social media has made your average person 100 times more accessible and appealing, and with nothing but cyber space and opportunity, nobodies think they’re somebodies and all the wires have been crossed.

There is no such thing as a “secret” anymore. If it’s in virtual space it can be saved, downloaded, screenshotted and reposted and that means that no internet savvy person is safe.

Now me and and what I say, I don’t give a fat baby’s rump who sees it or who knows it because I say what I mean and I mean what I say. So if my name is in your cyber mouth, PLEASE tag me so I know it’s real.

But I digress.

Anyways, upon this discussion of the DMs (which for those of you behind the times, DMs refer to a way you can privately message a person through some form of social media i.e. “direct message”) me and the girls got on the topic of “community D”. *ahem* Excuse me Mama if you’re reading this post, but the “d” stands for “dick”. The term “community” refers to shared, communal, not just yours bih but everyone’s more than one person involved.

You kneegrows think you’re nickel slick, but we got ya penny change. Y’all have been sliding into multiple girl’s DMs and either successfully or painfully close to sliding in the chick. Now, this is truth -You are single men, we are single women… well some of us –You can send nudes and have sex with whomever you choose.

Many social circles ain’t but *snaps fingers* this big –also truth.  So WHY aren’t you forthcoming that you’re trying to sample multiple types of buns or as many buns as you can get? (Buns. n. Booty , butt, ass) Men gotta get caught with their pants down before they can own that they’ve been taking them off in the first place. Y’all want wheat buns, white buns, honey buns and meanwhile talking to the female like you only want her  buns.

Again, I realize that… or actually hope that most of the guys who repeatedly send a bunch of girls DMs are single, and for that reason you don’t necessarily owe anyone an explanation for what or who you do. But I am sick and tired of guys slut shaming and calling every other female a thot and talking shit about her bundles, meanwhile he’s sliding dick pics into DMs out of nowhere.

Him (in DMs): Good morning beautiful.

Her: Good morning. *smiley face*

Him: *Dick pic*



Umm, what am I supposed to do with this dickture (n. meaning dick picture) and why is it in my in box at 9 in the morning? 1. I really wish you guys would stop doing that. 2. *yells* DON’T NOBODY WANT THAT COMMUNITY D.

If I gotta share you or it with a bunch of girls I’m going to interact with on a regular basis, I’d rather not have it at all. Because 1. I don’t like sharing men (believe it or not) 2. I don’t want to have to be in the same space with a chick I know you’re smashing because I’m too emotionally unstable for those type of games.

Community D is one of the worst types of D you can get because the man usually makes you feel like it’s only yours, but 9 times out of 10 (again because black folk love making up statistics) you’re not the only one, tryna be the only one. Community D thinks it’s slick (pun intended) but the problem is that at some point the community always closes in and finds out.

At this point, when the guy’s back is against the wall, he’ll do one of three things: 1. Deny, deny, deny. 2.Try to downplay what ever the other babe has to say about the situation. But if she felt like she was the only one (also), she’ll more than likely have receipts (N. meaning proof.) and that downplay won’t stick. 3. Say he’s single, can do what he wants and that he didn’t have to tell you. Again, this is true. He can do what he wants, but he can also catch these hands for being a deceiving bastard out here slinging D all willy-nilly to any Tina, Deena or Harriet.

The moral of the story, beware the community D. It is deceptive, disloyal and apparently loves the DMs. You’re better than that. It’s like washing with someone’s wash rag after they just used it. Eww. Get your own and stop passing the used one around.

Stay Clean,


#shoutout to #girlcode

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