I Don’t Want to be Skinny

Let’s just be clear.

Being “skinny” was never my intention. I personally prefer the curvier shape. What I want to be is tight, trim and toned. And yes I said the same thing three different ways, you get the message.

For those of you that don’t know my weight loss struggle, at this point I’ve lost over 20 lbs and I’m not done. In college I gained about 40 lbs, shocker, yes I know. Needless to say, I wanted that weight off.

In Picture: Left 2012 (current), Right 2010 (Sophomore year of college)

I’m only 5’2″ carrying mad extra weight, and I refused to continue looking like a rolie polie. The twenties are supposed to be those years I look back on and say “Damn, I was bad!” not “Damn, I looked like a chipmunk.” –Short and round.

I’m about half way to where I want to be, I know that just as a maturing female, with age there is weight gain –I’ve accepted that. However, that is no excuse to become a tea pot.

Thus and such, I’m still on the weight loss struggle bus. A lot of you will argue that I look fine at my current size, that’s cool. But I’ve set a personal goal and I’ve got a “can’t stop won’t stop” attitude, I will prevail!

Desired shape: Hourglass

Mission: Summer Body Baddd 😉

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