Ain’t No Bae Bih

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What do you think of when you hear the word “bae?” Most people use this term to refer to their significant other, basically a shortened version of “babe” or “baby.” It has even developed into an acronym: “before anyone else.” With the acceptance of this slang expression of endearment we have adopted in modern society, does it correlate with any negative connotation? That’s the question of the hour, but before we continue please enjoy this musical selection lol.

Now, my goal here is not to bash the word “bae” or its meaning. At the end of the day, we all value different terms of affection and love. We have some couples using “snickerdoodle” amongst each other lol, while others may use “punk.” Some people even use “cinnamon apple” lmao. As you can see, there are a wide range of loving words that we can debate about because we all have our own, distinct interpretations. The point here is too simply explore and dissect the term “bae” and how we use it.

Think about how often you use the expression “that’s bae,” or “look at bae,” but not in reference to a boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other. How often have you referred to a celebrity, food or even an emoji (*insider* #baechronicles – refer to my IG @cjmanhertz) as “bae?” Do you ever refer to your pet, bestfriend (females) or shoes (fellas) as “bae?” Don’t lie either lol. This word has become socially acceptable to reference people or things that are not our significant others.

Why has this come to be? Who has this become the norm with? Maybe it has been adopted by those who are single and lack a significant other. Maybe these individuals are ones who yearn to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, even to a point where they have to acknowledge someone or something as “bae” to cope. I am sure other words are used in these circumstances/references, but I definitely would argue that “bae” is the most common.

With all of that being said, do you still want to use “bae” or be referred to as “bae?” Ask your significant other or future significant other (lol), who/what they refer(red) to as “bae” alongside you and see if that’s who/what you want to be compared to. Obviously, the meanings might differ in its delivery, but the point of the matter is, in my opinion, that word can lose its significance.

If words like “bae” are used to reflect feelings of love, relationships, etc., why are they used so lightly? It almost makes you not even take the word seriously. It can lose its significance; to some it might not be special.

So, am I saying the word should not be used in reference to a significant other? I am not saying that at all. I will definitely use it lol. This post was honestly designed to make you think and realize the importance/exclusivity of certain words and how they sometimes lose their luster because of social norms. At the end of the day, we all have different perspectives as to what words hold prominence within our relationships.

With that, do not discontinue to use the term “bae” lmao. I might even be talking out my ass with this message, so take it as food for thought lol. What do I know, I am happily single as the title reads: “ain’t no bae bih.”


-The Ladies Man


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