Stop Recycling…Lovers

I’m so disappointed in myself. I fear that I am on the path to do just what I said I would never do again… recycle ex-baes.

It’s about to be that time of the year again, “cuffing season” the point in time where the weather gets colder and the desire to have someone to lay beside at night grows deeper. If your ex-boos haven’t started coming out of the woodworks yet, just wait on it.

When you hear the opportunity to “rekindle” things with said ex-bae knocking -DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR! I REPEAT DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!

A lot of you will rationalize to yourselves, “well maybe they’ve changed” “things might be different now” “it won’t hurt to try”. As much as this individual has ever lied to you, you may be telling yourself the biggest lie possible by giving him/her the benefit of the doubt.

“Maybe they’ve changed.” –Maybe they have, maybe they haven’t. Maybe they’re the same dipshit that broke your heart the first fifty ‘leven times.

“Things might be different now.” –Sure things will be different because after the first break up, NOTHING is ever the same. Don’t mistake different for better.

“It won’t hurt to try.” — Yes it will. Exes are exes for a reason, something went terribly awry the first time so all you’re gonna do is relive the reason why y’all split the first time and that shit is not pleasant.

Within the last 3 weeks I’ve had exes reach out to me in every way possible, snapchat, IG, text, etc. and I know it’s only going to continue because I have an October birthday coming up. In case your not up on game, exes use holidays and special occasions to work themselves back into your good graces if you’ve been distant from them.

I think that they believe our hearts will be softer during these times. I mean, I’ll admit it’s a little difficult to say “Fuck you” to someone wishing you a happy birthday, or saying they’re thankful to have known you, or wishing you a Merry Christmas. –But I encourage you to be strong and push out that “fuck you” with all the pent up pain and anger you have from that individual because once you let them back in, it’s hard as hell to push them back out.

The MAIN reason why you shouldn’t recycle baes is… listen realllll carefully because I mean this from the very depths of my soul. The main reason why you shouldn’t recycle baes is NOT because you give them the chance to hurt you again, pain is pain. If you survived it once, you can survive it again no matter how shitty the situation is.

The MAIN reason why you shouldn’t recycle baes is because if they fucked you over/left you the first time and then come back around, they have NO RESPECT FOR YOU. And if you respect yourself, you CAN NOT allow anyone else to disrespect you.

How dare you give anyone who wronged you the pleasure of your company again? They do not deserve it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t ever forgive them, because I think forgiveness is essential in life. But I am saying that just because you forgive them, that doesn’t mean that they automatically get the privilege of being in your space again.

IF, you’ve decided to re-entertain this individual, make them work for this space in your life. You’ll find out more times than not, that they don’t really even want to work to be in it. They expect that with forgiveness comes re-admittance to your life. WRONG. If they have this sense of entitlement, know that they’ve got you all the way fucked up. Bih, I know you prolly only came around because you’re lonely or you found out that the person you were trying to work it out with didn’t compare to me.

1. I knew I was the shit and I told you that to begin with
2. Wtf, you think my life is some bed and breakfast you can just stop by and get comfortable whenever you feel like it? Hell naaawwwww, to the naw, naw, naaaaawwwww!
3. Even if I’m hugging a body pillow every night with my rabbit tucked under my bed for those nights –I’d rather do that every single day of cuffing season than to lay down with dogs. Because if you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

Recycling is great, when you’re saving the planet. But save yourself when it comes to recycling lovers. Know yourself, respect yourself and do not answer the phone when bullshit calls.

*ring ring*
Bullshit: “Can I speak to Ashley?”
Me: *in Asian voice* “Ashley no here.”


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