Butt Ass Nekkid

Naked. There I was standing butt ass nekkid in front of this man that I loved and that I thought cared about me. Wearing my finest skin suit, I stood approximately 5ft 2in tall of brown sugared body. Baring all my privates, from the cups of my butt cheeks to the curves of each breast all the way up to the neatly folded thoughts in my mind. I put it all out there for him to see. Being naked is probably one of the most vulnerable positions you can ever be in.

Because when you’re naked, everything you’d usually use to cover up any imperfection, any insecurity, any flaw… you no longer have to the option drape across your body.

It’s like when you go to take a shower and accidentally forget your towel in the other room so now you’re in the bathroom pressed about how you’ll

A. Have to run out and grab your towel and hope no one sees or that it’s not too cold,

B. Have to find something close by that can serve as a substitute towel or

C. Stand there wet (air drying), wondering how and why you let yourself get in this situation again.

For the sake of this post let’s say you’re in predicament C. Let’s also address that there is no way for you to be tough and naked at the same time. In the nude, you are defenseless. Yell, scream, cry, fight me all you like; but no matter what you do, it doesn’t take away from the fact that I can see all the places the sun don’t shine.

I remember when I was younger and I first started doing sinful things, I’d NEVER get completely naked. I’d ALWAYS at the very least have on a bra and some socks. I was sooooo afraid that whoever I was sharing myself with might not like what they saw so I would refuse to give it all away. Now, that I’m a little over a quarter of a century old (because I refuse to say that I’m 26 out loud) I’ve found myself COMPLETELY nekkid for ones who didn’t deserve to see the Wizard behind the curtain. (<–sounds a little more crass than i intended, but keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.)

What I mean by “completely” naked is beyond stripping off clothes. It’s beyond “sweat pants, hair tied, chillen with no make up on”. What I mean by completely naked is yes, being physically naked, yes, being in your most comfortable self, but also exposing all of the things you try to hide from the general public. Be it pet peeves, embarrassing habits, personal thoughts, feelings and emotions. Once a person has tapped into what you keep under lock and key, you my friend, are butt. ass. nekkid.

The reality is, when you are butt ass naked, you have lost all your power. There is no way to get it back, even if you put your clothes back on and paint on a brave face for the next day –there are things that you’ve shared in your nudity that you will never be able to completely erase from the one that you shared it with. Kinda like an accidental Groupme message, once you put the message out there, there’s no deleting it.You can hide it from yourself, but if I scroll far enough back I can still see what you said.

Does getting naked sound like a scary thing to you yet? If not, it should.

In fact the only time I recommend getting naked with a person is when you’re sure that

  1. They’re gonna get naked too; I bet not be standing here alone with all of God’s glory showing and you have on sweats and a hoodie —> These are the emotionally distant people. The ones who like you to be close and open with them, but are either unwilling or unable to give you the same transparency.
  2. They’re ready to undress AT THE SAME PACE as you; some people want to see you naked, and want to be naked…but only when they see fit for themselves to participate —>These are the people who know that they ultimately want you or will do right by you, but haven’t quite gotten everything out of their system so they want to put you on reserve like you’re a fucking library book or something.
  3. They aren’t just getting you naked to make you vulnerable; don’t have me undress and then run off with my damn clothes. —> These are the most dangerous of them all, they make you think that they’re in it but ultimately this whole thing is a game for them. They just wanna get you naked to either prove that they can OR to be able to take advantage of you once they have gotten you in the nude.

This post is already way too long so I’ll wrap it up. But the moral of the story is be careful who you bare yourself to because once you do, whether it ends badly or amicably, a part of you is revealed that you’ll never be able to cover up again.

Don’t forget ya towels fam,


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