Tinder Testimony #1: Where the Weirdos Are

So a friend of mine published a post not too long ago regarding online dating, feel free to go check out that post at cheztheprez.com. He poses the question of why people, namely black people, are ashamed to admit that they use online dating tools, more specifically,  a new app called Tinder.

I responded then by talking about the negative reputation that the app has gotten. I’ve heard many folk reference Tinder as a place to meet people that you wanna hook up with. And by hook up I mean–> give the business to, do the nasty, smash, do the horizontal bop… ok you get it lol. I’ve also heard females on the site referenced to as THOTS and hoes, now why would any upstanding lady want to be referred to as a Tinder THOT? <–This is the shame.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are male THOTS, but it’s most commonly directed to women. Men get a slap on the ass and a hearty “good job” for seeking out women only for box (box = sex from women), women get a scarlet letter and called outside of their name. But I digress.

Despite all the negativity surrounding the app, I made and maintained a profile. That was my first mistake. Let’s be clear: I didn’t join Tinder looking for peen (peen = sex from men), nor did I join with the expectation of finding a husband, hell not even a boyfriend really. I joined it for the dates, IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE A DATING APP. I am looking to date and see if I have compatibility with a guy – – I do not need an app for sex or an app for friends. I’m good in those departments.

And I’m abstaining from sex for all you nasties that just let your mind cartwheel into the gutter. *insert side eye*

I have 2 Tinder testimonies that I’d like to present in the case of “Tinder is guilty of being a hook up app and/or a place Where the Weirdos Are.”

Testimony #1: Where the Weirdos Are

I swiped right on a guy some time ago, the magic words “It’s a match!” flashed with both our pictures across the screen. [Sidenote my swipe right to match ratio is on fleek (on fleek: adj. Meaning “on point” or “quality of being perfect”) ^_^] Shortly afterwards he messaged m`e and continued to do so for awhile. Eventually he was like, let’s meet up.


You’d think this means let’s go out somewhere right? Somewhere public, where in the event that you are crazy or a serial killer, there are witnesses. Stranger danger is real. Even though I work from home, I don’t play that “just come over here” mess. This is my office AND my intimate space. You don’t get to come here until I rule out the potential that you won’t have me end up as a Lifetime movie.


He’s aware that I work from home so he offers to come over for lunch. (O_o) Negro did you just:

  1. Invite yourself to my damn house
  2. Volunteer me to cook?

Swerve number one.

He keeps hitting me up just to chat over the next couple of weeks and it seems harmless. Until one day I told him I was super busy with work and he asks me when I’m gonna take a lunch break. I’m thinking that he may actually ask me out somewhere this time. Silly girl, silly silly girl.

Instead, he again offers to come over and help me do work…”allegedly”.

  1. How the helllll he invite his self over to my house AGAIN when I communicated to him that it was definitely NOT happening the first time he asked.
  2. He works with computers, I work with students; can somebody please tell me how he was gonna help me do my work?

The point I’m trying to make is this: for this to be a dating app, whyyyy do I have this repeat creeper trying to come into my home instead of offering to take me out? Is it just me or is this extremely weird?

Stay tuned tomorrow, I’m dropping Tinder Testimony #2 like a Kendrick Lamar album link for the menz and a Beyonce digital drop for the wimmenz.



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