2015 CIAA 72 Hour Recap

So CIAA weekend is officially over, for those uncertain of what this weekend is please visit this site for further more formal information. For the purpose of this post, just know that it is a weekend where black people travel from far and wide to reunite with old classmates, visit their alma mater and pick up babes engage in functions such as basketball games, brunches, parties, etc. etc.

Lots of girls got dolled up with fresh bundles of weave, brand new outfits and shoes to match. Fellas sprung for VIP club packages, rented nice cars and added some new fitted caps to the collection. Many ABC stores profited from all the bottles of alcohol sold to locals and out-of-towners alike because everybody knows being tipsy makes these functions that much more interesting…or so I’ve heard.

Here’s my 2015 CIAA 72 hour recap in no particular order:

  • I managed to not have to buy any new outfits, but I will have to replace one of my favorite sets of ear rings.
  • That awkward moment when you have to try to figure out the names and faces of multiple unsaved numbers texting you.
  • I’m legitimately afraid to check my bank account, but I gotta pay rent. Lol
  • I cracked the screen of my phone and have no recollection at all of how it happened.
  • I got a bomb ass foot rub from a stranger and I will never forget it.
  • I got kicked out of Tin Roof… again (this time really was an injustice)
  • I maneuvered my way into a bar I was previously kicked out of dismissed from about a year ago, jokes on you suckers
  • On the Sabbath Sunday, a man sent me a dick pic for breakfast, like it wasn’t even noon yet and he was cutting up.
  • I finessed multiple free meals and party entrances #turnup
  • I broke up a potential fight, using my words not fists *clap clap bravo*
  • I’m pretty sure I accidentally walked into a trap house for a party

The bad news is:

  • I didn’t find bae. J/k, that was never a possibility. *Kanye Shrug*
  • I didn’t meet any celebrities I hadn’t already met.
  • I spent money. Too much money.

How was y’alls CIAA? I survived it. I’m pretty happy about that, broke, but happy.

See ya on the pole.


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