Viewer Discretion Advised: Second base

I’ve never really published anything erotic, buttttt, tonight I’m feeling a little, emphasis on the little, risqué. Trying it out with a new series called “Viewer Discretion Advised”. We’ll see where this goes…

They all look at her the same. Eyes wide and hungry; behind their irises a yearning, desire, a need… for her. The corners of their mouths turn upward in a smirk making a parenthesis around their lips. She traces the lines of those curves with shallow breaths that smell like the nectar of freshly blossomed honeysuckles.

And it is as if blue thought bubbles crowd around the crown of their heads whispering deep voiced sweet nothings that blow warm into her ear and send shallow kisses down the length of her neck.

He pauses. And feels the heartbeat of her pulse. It’s quicker and harder now, as he moves slower and softer further below…

His tongue slow winds ‘s’ shaped letters on her collar bone and glides over the hump of her chest. She watches his jaws clench as his lips dance on her nipples.

Along the sides of her arms, goosebumps rise to attention as he brings awareness to every part of her body.

Her hands clasp the back of his scalp and rotate in circular motions around the width of his skull and back.

He presses checkered pecks down the surface of her belly. She moa…

*emoji Monkey with covered eyes*


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