Wholesale Love or Whatnot

Every woman loves a good sale. In fact, there may be fewer things that make her happier than seeing a 50-75% discount at her favorite store. This is fact. We KNOW this. The problem comes into play when we (women) are no longer looking for the sale, but put ourselves on sale. And when I say we “go on sale”, I don’t mean prostitution, I mean marking ourselves down for some unworthy buyer to come through and scoop us up simply because we’ve been sitting on the shelves too long.

Becoming single after being in a dead end relationship can feel freeing at first, like a breath of fresh air, a new beginning; it’s exciting. Then that starts to wear off and you become, well, lonely -for lack of a better word. This is when you must be the strongest, but is that generally the case? No. That, good people, is how you see phenomenal women with ain’t-shit men. She caught a massive case of “Fuck-this-shit” and settled for a guy who would have her, even if he didn’t deserve her.

Some would rather have a piece of something, than nothing at all.

Some women (and people in general) are so hungry, so starved for love/affection/companionship that they’d rather eat left-overs or bread crumbs than wait for the full course meal coming to them if they stay steadfast. You know what else eats bread crumbs? Birds.


I won’t lie and say I’ve never had a crumb or two, but the problem with that is that you stay hungry. You stay wanting more. You stay waiting for more even if it’s never coming. And you pour all your energy into fighting with pigeons (who should never be your competition) for whyyyyyy? To still have an insatiable appetite.

Now that I’ve completely digressed from my “sale/discount” analogy, I’m going to attempt to reel it back in.

It’s hard to watch the dust collect as you sit on the shelf knowing that you’re a product of quality while (cute) buyer after buyer picks up all the items around you. You’re not cheap, easy or refundable -so wait for the one who can see your value AND actually appreciates it. The one that takes care of what’s his and nooooooot the one who’s looking for a buy one get one free deal.

*This ain’t BOGO bitch. (BOGO. phrase meaning “Buy One Get One” free.)

Oan don’t feed the birds. Don’t become a bird. <–*Morals of the story.


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