The Next Oprah Angelou

This is not a drill.

Let me tell you just how sick I am of being mediocre despite how much I just wanna be great.

I am one of the underdogs. One of the unlucky individuals that should not have made it to where I am. Single parent home. Absent father. One of twelve [total]. No child support. Oldest in the household. Black. Female. First generation college student.

By the grace of God, a lot of those negatives were fortunate to turn into positives.

I was the first in my family to graduate college with a degree in a major and double minor. I have a full time job with little to no benefits. I’ve got my own house apartment. I’ve got financed my own car. I’m loved by family, friends, and a wonderful boyfriend. And I managed to do all this with little to no financial support and without acquiring any dependents.

So here’s the problem, this stuff listed above is highly praised in the black community as an accomplishment. And yes it is an accomplishment, but it should be where the bar is set, not where we ultimately want to end. Our counterparts accomplish this as a preliminary means to where they want to get, and we’re looking at it like it’s the big joker of life.

Subsequently, when we want more, we want it quick and easy. Hence you got grand-mama and aunties that play the lotto every day, and your cousins and brothers that all want to be rappers.

I worked hard to get what I have, and not a soul in this world can depreciate what that means to me, but I understand it’s not enough and that I can do better and that’s what I want for myself. I titled this post after two women I admire. Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou.

Both of these women are strong black women who pulled themselves up by their boot straps, defied all odds, and became very influential figures in the communities they serve by doing what they love and know. That’s what I want for myself.

I don’t have to be the richest, I don’t have to be the most infamous, but I do want to be more. More than just “one less statistic”, more than just another angry black woman, more than just a number, more than just one face in a sea of nameless individuals.

I’m tired of being mediocre. Where in one community I’m doing excellent and another I’m not doing enough, because the one in which I’m doing well is not the majority. And that’s the reality of the matter.

I hope this message is loud and clear, you can agree or disagree, really doesn’t matter to me. *Steps off soap box*


The next *Oprah Angelou


*Maybe lesser in net worth, but definitely not lesser in purpose or impact…

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