When Going Green Goes Wrong

So… about 2 weeks ago I mentioned that I was gonna try to do a smoothie diet for about 3 weeks long (the rest of September). This was to consist of primarily green smoothies, fruits and vegetables. Well, as you can see I’m talking in past tense and not present, so no, I’m no longer doing that. Lemme explain doe…

It started off good, and I stuck to the plan for about a week. And that week, was a great week. I felt GREAT. But then, the weekend hit and it was all downhill from there. I stopped doing the diet/detox as seriously as I had before. Still taking in a lot of fruits, but less vegetables and smoothies and more convenience food.

This kind of made me depressed yo. That first week I detoxed, I lost about five pounds and I wasn’t starving myself. But I did grow tired of this diet that I was once so happy to begin. I started feeling like I just couldn’t finish any personal goal I set. And that brings me to part number 2…

Stay tuned for the new plan. I will not fail this time. I will not fail. I will not. Fail.

I stuck to it for a little minute tho!

Yep, and the smoothies weren’t bad tasting at all.

And they were indeed, very green 🙂

Make no mistake, I am proud of myself for what I did do. I just know I can do better.

And next time, I will do better.


A healthier me.

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