Did You Just Call Me the B-Word?

When a woman makes a man feel some type of way he’s quick to call her the b word, that right, bitter.

Bitter (adj): causing painful emotions : felt or experienced in a strong and unpleasant way.

Yes, a break-up/heart-break can cause someone to be bitter, but lemme say this.

This isn’t a I-hate-all-men-so-imma-talk-endless-shit-about-you-like-I-keep-a-pair-of-balls-on-a-necklace blog. This blog is composed of shit Ashley goes through and how she feels about it afterwards. It’s a release, not a leash for my emotions. It isn’t intended to make you feel unpleasant, it’s where I go to keep from slapping bitches daily 🙂

But as my grandmother would say, if you feel some type of way about something I’ve said because you think/feel it was about you, “A hit dog will holler”.

Admittedly, some of my material is directed at a couple of my exes. They probably read this and know it. That’s fine. I’d say the same thing to them in person that I’ve said or will say here on this blog. I’m not a cyber bully, I’m real out in these streets. *does gangster nod*

As far as anything else I say that may offend some men that I’ve said it, please believe that my thoughts are accompanied by many other women -I’m just the one to say it. You see, we protect your feelings oftentimes because we know that

  1. Y’all can’t handle the raw/uncut truth; ladies deal better with men being jackasses because we rant and rave, cry, key shit and talk to our friends; we get rid of it.
  2. If we were jackasses to you and didn’t sugar coat it, you’d internalize it because y’all don’t like to talk about your feelings
  3. Because you all tend to internalize things we’d have to spend twice as much time making up for how we made you feel…without you ever telling us you feel some type of way.

I’m honest, transparent even. And sure at some point you could have called me jaded, I’ll give you that.

There are men out there that have been playing girls since they were 14 and first got their heartbroken, now they’re 35+ still keeping a steady stream of “situations”… uh-huh. There are men out there who have siblings that have all different daddies, but you steady calling every chick you dismiss a hoe… uh-huh. Y’all got some nerve calling us the b-word when you’re struggling with demons of your own, it just materializes in different ways.

I don’t punish men. I don’t hate men. I won’t bust your balls (unless provoked). I’m not mean, distant or cold; quite the opposite actually. If you met me, you’d never think I’d been through all the mess I’ve been through and that’s how I like to keep it. We all have scars; whether you fell off the swing when you were 5 and scrapped your knee or got cheated on by a lover at 23. Scars mean that you survived something and because of it you’re stronger. To some, your scars make you less desirable/attractive, to others they’re commonalities and draw them in. So excuse the hell out of me if you see mine and they turn you off, if you’ll just step out the way for the one ready to come kiss my boo-boo.

And side-note, if you ever date a girl that hasn’t already been through heart break, Lord help ya. You better not be the one to do it. <insert sinister laugh here>

I know there are some wonderful fellas out there still searching for their queen and to those I say, #heyboo *waves*.

For everyone else, you might just wanna think twice before using the b-word; especially in reference to me. “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit”–Erykah Badu

Don’t be bitter, be better.

-Ashley La’Shae

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