[Disney] Pocahontas Love

If you’ve never watched [Disney] Pocahontas, you won’t understand me and I highly recommend that you go watch it. I promise you’ll get into it and even better, know what the heck I’m talking about.

Now, how many of you women love like [Disney] Pocahontas? She was the definition of a true “ride or die”. She fell for a man when she knew she faced a lot of obstacles in loving him, she loved him without reservation, she loved with all she had and loved him to the point where she would sacrifice her own life for his.

In this day and age, there aren’t very many black women willing to so much as inconvenience themselves for the man they love. A lot of us don’t love with everything in us for fear of being hurt, taken advantage of, misled, etc. So we never give our all, but expect a man to cut back flips and jump through a ring of fire just to get our attention and potentially enter a relationship where we’re either unable or unwilling to give 100% of ourselves.

I’m just saying, before you criticize a man for his emotional disconnectedness you might wanna check yourself and what you’re giving off. Men aren’t the only ones guilty of not giving their all in a relationship. And women will hide behind every excuse in the book too, “I’ve been hurt before”, “He gotta show me what he’s bringing to the table before I give it all”, “I don’t trust him”, “I’m not ready”, etc.

What I love about the HIGHLY romanticized story of Pocahontas, is that her love wasn’t easy, it wasn’t likely, hell it wasn’t even accepted. But ultimately, she made the decision to follow her heart and love him deep, deep enough to literally put her own neck on the line. Now granted, she got two men shot in the process, we’ll give this a pass for now. Lol.

Pocahontas lost her mother and was primarily raised by her father– you don’t see her using “daddy/mommy issues” for an unsuccessful relationship, the family didn’t like her boo –she took up for him, they were about to do a long distance relationship –she opted out, etc. etc. My point here, is that your situation/past doesn’t govern your current situation. It may have affected it, but it only determines your situation if you’re a victim and you’re not.

In conclusion, love like [Disney] Pocahontas ladies, just make sure you’re loving the right one… And yes, I did completely skirt around all the other issues surrounding the [real] story of Pocahontas, but that’s for a different post…


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