I’m Thankful: Good Health

*cough cough* Today I’m thankful for health, even though at this present moment the kid has asthmatic bronchitis -I’ll get through this. You can never thank God enough for good health. Typically I don’t get sick. I have no life long diseases or crippling diagnoses. My day to day life is uninterrupted by any type of illness and I think sometimes we all take that for granted. We forget to think about those who struggle day in and day out with life long/life threatening diseases and disorders.

It feels like I’ve been sick for like the last 3 weeks straight, but even 2-3 weeks is nothing compared to a life time or months of treatment. Take a minute out today to thank God (or whoever you worship) for good health. Even if you don’t feel that well today, you’re well enough to read this post so you’re well enough to give thanks.

Today is such an ugly day outside; it’s cold, rainy and cloudy –but I’m still thankful I lived to see it.

Be blessed,

*side bar – It’s almost Turkey day!!*

Ashley La’Shae

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