I’m Thankful: Beanies, Hats, Scarves

Praise Gawd for beanies, scarves and hats; basically anything that will hide the fact that underneath I have Celie plaits and flexi rollers. I have really long thick hair, so it takes FOREVER for it to dry. Woke up this morning (after letting my hair set all night) and it’s still very damp. All women know that you CANNOT take out rollers/undo a style if it is not completely dry. If you do, your hair will get all frizzy and instead of looking like Tracee Ellis Ross, you’ll look like you tried to stick a fork in a socket.

Beanies, hats, scarves come in handy during times like this. At this present moment I still have rollers in my hair and I’m at work. No one een knows. The beauty of it is that by tonight, when I’m ready to go out, my hair will have had all day to lock in my attempted style. I had the nerve to dye and style my hair late last night, so not only is my hair still damp, it is also very frosty around the edges. The way it’s pulled back I look like Mary J. Blige with her blonde hair. It’ll darken up so I’m not really concerned, but for the time being the kid looks crazy. Lol, nonetheless this is what I’m thankful for today 🙂

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Ashley La’Shae

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