I’m Thankful: I Didn’t See Your Message

Today I’m thankful for my sucky ass Android phone, why you ask? Well because it does not show you when I’ve read your message. That is a blessing and a curse on the iPhone. It’s blessing because if you’ve sent the message from your iPhone to another person who has an iPhone and they read the message, you will be able to see that they’ve read it. Thus justifying you feeling some type of way when they take forever or never respond. This line “I didn’t get your message” no longer works. Yes you did, you sap suckah.

On the flip side, if you are receiving the message and have decided that you do not want to answer right away or want to pretend like you didn’t get it, you better read as much of the message on your lock screen as you possibly can without actually clicking the message.

We don’t have those problems here at team Android. You my friend, just have to sit and wonder if I got your message and/or why it’s taking me so long to respond without confirmation that I received it. Heh heh. It generally doesn’t bother me that I can’t confirm that you got my message because I’m going to assume you did regardless *neck roll*.

This message/post is brought to you in part by all the headaches I have side-stepped with the line “What? I didn’t get your message.” or “I didn’t even see your message, just now looking at my phone.” (and headaches can be male or female)

Just a little Thursday humor, have a great day!

Ashley La’Shae

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