Office Drama -Stay on Your P’s & Q’s

Came to a cruel realization this morning…. everyone doesn’t have your best interest at heart, even those you may have come to trust. What prompts me to write about this you say? Well I’m pissed off for starters.

A co-worker of mine, who will remain unnamed in the event my rant is ever discovered by any of my co-workers did some ole f*ck sh*t. It sucks because I really thought we were cool. Always offering “help” and seemingly really cordial when were in the same space. Silly me to be so trusting because as soon as they had the opportunity to catch me slipping, they blew the bull horn.

I keep playing the situation back in my mind trying to convince myself that this co-worker did not purposefully set me up for the okey doke and the more I cannot successfully convince myself, the more I want  to choke this hoe. Like, what do you have to gain from my loss? Our lives are worlds apart. You stay in your lane, I stay in mine.

Either way, this girl (meaning myself) is ready to remove her earrings and y’all know what it means when a black girl takes out her earrings. We ain’t bout to play no games I can tell you that. Now that this hoe person has pulled the rug from underneath me, I’m left stumbling trying to stay on my feet. But maybe I needed this. Maybe I needed to be reminded to stay on my P’s and Q’s because all it takes is a sliver of doubt to throw shade on your whole operation.

You can’t give the enemy or in this case frenemy an inch because they WILL take a mile. You gotta be so good they can’t ignore you. Be so good they can’t do anything BUT hate you because they ain’t you and can’t do what you do. Give them good things to talk about instead of a foothold of negative gossip to spread. And know that this type of dislike and disdain towards you doesn’t  always arrive in the presence of dirty looks and slick tongues, sometimes it comes serviced with a smile and encouraging words. I’m not telling you to be paranoid, but I am suggesting that you recognize that your undoing could come from passive aggression.

I don’t know what I hate more than passive aggression, good Lord nothing rattles me quicker. I’m a pretty direct person, so when someone is beating around the bush, I’m tempted to just drag them out of it. Not because I’m volatile, but because it annoys the mess out of me. This particular situation was a GRAAAANNNNNDDDD act of passive aggression. Believe me when I say it, it won’t. happen. again. (you know things are serious when you pause between every word)

So for anyone else out there having work drama, stay strong, stay focused and keep your earrings in…

I’m out,

Ashley La’Shae

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