The Inner Hoe: Just a Theory

There’s a hoe in you; whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not. This goes for women AND men. Not like, “oh em gee I’m possessed, there’s a hoe in me” but like, “I’m conservative, but I can get down with the get down under the right circumstances.”

Hoe by definition for the context of this post is: a man/woman who exhibits promiscuity.

If you’ve ever doubted that there is indeed a hoe in you, take a few shots of brown, not enough to get wasted just enough to politely greet your subconscious self and you will learn… oh you will learn. Now the degree of hoe in you is different for each person.

High level hoes are the ones we hear about the most, this is where the hoe has escaped the subconscious into your real life and has or will f*ck on site without morals, values or conviction. No brown necessary. We all know people who are in touch with this hoe in their life.

The other levels of hoes are those that are less likely to make everyday appearances to any and everyone.

You may have the committed hoe, you know the one where you don’t sleep around but once you’re in any form of a relationship he/she can get the cheeks. This is only notable if you change men/women like you change underwear, frequently. Hiding behind the premise “he/she was my man/lady at the time” thus and such you are still a one-man one-woman person. –Umm, that matters not if you don’t stay in a relationship longer than 3 months before moving on to the next. Ever heard of serial killers? Yea? Well you’re a serial girlfriend/boyfriend.

And lastly, there’s the “oh sh!t, I just did that” hoe that just about everyone has. You don’t interact often with this hoe because it is buried the deepest. Only to surface after one-to-many drinks; which you’ll blame it on the alcohol but alcohol just amplifies what’s already in you, you sneaky devil you. You greatly suppress this hoe for fear of being called a hoe. The frequency of this hoe’s appearance is heavily dependent on your drinking and/or other drug habits. It’s ok, embrace your inner hoe; the more you know about it, the more you can control it.

There you have it, this is my theory on your inner hoe. Maybe this will make you think twice before calling another person a hoe, hell maybe not. Really, the only people who aren’t hoes are children and those who are celibate. And frankly, those who are celibate can still be hoes; just mental and emotional hoes… but that’s a story for another post 😉


Ashley La’Shae

“All the world’s a stage garden, and all the men and women merely players hoes.” -Willy Shakespeare

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