30+ Men & Their PYTs

So as a recent single woman I’ve noticed something… men who are 30+ love them some PYTs (pretty young thangs). I kid you not, the last few times I’ve went out I’ve been approached by so many 30-something year olds that I felt like I had “Try me, I’m young” written on my forehead!

Now, am I opening to dating older men? Yes, those are the fellas that are ready to start wifing (wifing, to wife = the art of making a single woman a wife; engaging in a relationship). However at the present moment, I’m not quite ready to get wifed. I just want to frolic in the dating world without a care of “he loves me, he loves me not”. A lot of older men, not bout that life. They want to cuff you (to cuff = make a person your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife) and eliminate any chance of another man garnering your attention.

I’d still date a 30+ even if getting wifed isn’t my intention because:

a.) These men are more settled financially so they can afford things I’d like to do or in other words “they started from the bottom now they’re there.” –Drizzy voice

b.) These men are more settled maturity-wise, they’ve already “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt” so they don’t play as many games –I won’t say they don’t play games at all because after all they are men… #shade

c.) People have the potential to grow on you and you can always benefit from learning from someone different.

Now looking furthermore into my 30+ men magnetic ability, that also leaves me to grieve for the 30+ women who are getting side-stepped because men in their age bracket are looking for PYTs with no baggage. This means I have 2 options:

1.) Find and keep a man before I hit 30 because by then they will no longer be checking for me. OR

2.) Find a fountain of youth that keeps me in my mid 20s for life.

I mean they’re both possible, but it’s a damn shame that this is what it boils down to. Of course there are scenarios where a 30+ man will date, fall in love and marry a 30+ woman, but if you think about it, a man is much less likely to deal with a good woman’s baggage than a woman will for the average man’s baggage.

I mean as women we’ll take a man that has been locked up, had 2 kids with 3 baby mamas, and still lives at home with his mama –we give this man the benefit of the doubt. Rationalizing “he’s changed… he was younger when that happened… he’s just going through a tough time” (-_-)

Meanwhile men could have a woman who cooks, cleans, and gets down in the bedroom but her left toenail is too crooked and he has a thing for feet so he leaves her. Or more seriously, maybe she cooks, cleans and sexes well but has been married before or has a child from a previous relationship. Men are much more likely to side-step this good woman for a 24-year who has no kids, tight skin and a part time job. Tell me I’m lying!

These are just some observations I’ve made, feel free to comment. In the meantime I’ll be trying to scrub this PYT banner off my forehead.


Ashley La’Shae

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