New Respect

As you all know or maybe not, whatever, for the last month I have had to do a lot of things/jobs that I’ve never had to do before. And boy do I have a new respect for people who do these things. First on the list –movers.

I recently (unexpectedly) switched apartments where I had to move from point A (on the second floor) to point B (on the 3rd floor of another complex) and you wanna talk about somebody feeling like a Hebrew slave!?! This girl. Now granted I had help along the way, it wasn’t no damsel-in-distress type of help where I stood along the side and pointed “put it there”. This was the type of help that was more like “here I got this side and you get the other side, heave-ho my nigga”. If you do this shit professionally *clap clap bravo* because I liked to die after doing this move once AND I had lightweight furniture. I will now and FOREVER 1.) Hire movers and 2.) offer yo ass a bottle of water or three.

Second on the list — painters.

Now that I’m into my new apartment (post-breakup) I’m all like, I gotta make this shit mine. So…  I sell (or currently in the process of selling) the furniture that my trifling ass no-good aint shit ex and I once shared and buy all new shit. But furthermore I decide that I’m going to invest in my apartment by painting it. Lawd Jesus of Nazareth, who knew you could break a sweat rubbing a brush up and down??! If you’ve never painted before let me just give you a heads up:

  • The wall is not as simple as it looks, there are nooks and crannies that will make you cuss, real real hard.
  • It doesn’t matter how careful you are, you’ll end up with paint all over you, in odd places I might add.
  • Yo house is dusty, and debris is real — too bad you can’t paint with your eyes & nose closed (-_-).
  • Painting is nothing like trying to stay in the lines of a coloring book as a 5 year old, it’s more like trying to stay in the lines when you just turned 3.

And to make my painting experience that much more golden, I ran out of freaking paint when I had like a corner left to go. I mean like 5/8ths left, so I couldn’t even feel satisfaction until the next day because I couldn’t finish the job. So if you’re a painter, God bless you and your strong ass core.

ImageWelp, stay tuned folks, part 2 coming soon.

Respectfully yours,

Ashley La’Shae

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