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So it’s time for an update, last y’all heard I was moving  to Texas and calling ghostbusters. Welp, that is no longer the case. Since my last quarter life crisis, I have secured a job in NC working as a counselor focused on college access and drop out prevention. *Gives glory to God* because I was on a real struggle bus this summer and since I’m trying to move this blog forward, I’ll only reference certain experiences from this summer. But let me take a minute to just tell y’all how God MOVED in my life.

In case you didn’t know, I’d been applying for jobs since March, it is now August and I just locked down a job 2 weeks ago. Now during those 4 excruciating months I did maintain a temp job but that was of no consolation to me because there was a deadline to my unemployment and a start date to my homelessness. I stopped counting job applications I’d filled out after I hit the 30s, I kept getting those polite ass emails that said I wasn’t good enough for position after position –Idk if you’ve ever seen that Cymbalta commercial about depression, but if you have, then you’ll laugh when I say “Depression hurts”.

A chick was real depressed as opportunity after opportunity passed me by. I managed to get a few interviews for some positions I felt perfect for, only to never hear from the employers again… BUT. GAWD… turned that all around. I got a call for a position I really wanted and within 2 weeks I’d had a phone interview, in person interview and gotten hired! SUDDENLY.

He changed everything around for me in what seemed like the blink of an eye. I never once lapsed on a paycheck (now I did become homeless for like a week but that’s a story for later) and I LOVE my new job. I got a real salary with benefits and shit. *cues Drake’s “Started from the bottom”* I never would have thought I’d be where I am now.

I realized that all those no’s, were preparing me for my big YES. It’s one thing for you to read all these motivational quotes that basically say “delayed but not denied/ the best is yet to come, etc. etc.” but it’s a completely different thing when you live it. I am a living witness my friends and I just wanted to share a little light in the midst of my despair.

Sincerely (currently running laps around the church

Ashley La’Shae

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