Got Baggage??

They clearly call them “ex(es)” for a reason, so why is it that we continue to let them stay with us in spirit, long after their physical presence is gone? It’s like the Ghost of Christmas Ex haunts us in new relationships.

Now I understand baggage very well, everybody has it. And while I do believe that you should find the one who is worth helping unpack the baggage, there is a maximum of bags to be held. For example, airlines. They understand that you’re going to need a couple bags, HOWEVER there is a maximum and anything more than 2 (usually) or weighs more than the allotted weight –is going to cost you.

It’s the same thing in relationships. You are allowed a certain amount of baggage, but if you try to carry too much, it’s going to cost you. And sometimes that price is your new relationship. Now I’ll say that it’s not always you who has the bags, sometimes it’s your mate…. BUT to be real, sometimes your mate carries baggage because you won’t let them put it down.

You somehow have managed to feel in competition with you current boo’s ex and now every chance you get you talking bout how you ain’t that bitch and/or nigga, don’t be thinking you gone do me like you did said-bitch/nigga, etc. etc. Now in real life, feeling threatened by a ghost is a real ass problem, I’ve seen the Exorcist. But in relationships, the ghosts of your boo’s ex, is not something viable you should feel threatened by.

If your boo sat those bags down at your feet and was like “help me bae, gotta unpack my ex” –this is a problem. But if you, saw him/her with just a messenger bag and a suitcase, went behind him and pulled out an old dusty tote bag talking bout “What the hell she/he doing texting you on July 29th 1995? You still got feelings for that bitch and/or nigga?!?!” –It’s May 6, 2013, boo you need to kindly have a seat _ <–there you go.

I'll be the first to admit that I've dug up some bags for my boo that weren't currently being carried, since y'all clearly finna be in denial. But I'll also say, that being in competition with a ghost is tiring and impossible. You can not win, you will not win. Ghosts don't get fatigued or winded or sleepy. None of dat. So you will lose.

Call ghost busters or do whatever you gotta do to rid yourself of them thangs. Whether it's the ghost of your ex or your boo's ex, because they will only haunt your relationship(s). And remember folks 2 bag maximum –please enjoy your flight 🙂

Take off,
Ashley La'Shae

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