Job Hunting? Shoot me Now.

I would truly like to say that doing a job hunt is for the birds. I’m realllly past this point in my life because I am completely and utterly over all things job search related. I’ve filled out more than 30 applications and I’ve only gotten one interview and this job is in freaking Texas, I currently reside in North Carolina -_-.

Like whoever made this shift to “all electronic everything” *In my Trinidad James voice* can just go play in traffic. For the simple fact that they’ve eliminated that first point of contact that used to get your foot in the door. Now I’m sending 10 applications through HR hoping that the actual hiring manager receives it. I feel like I’m applying to college all over again, being judged solely off of how I look on a piece of paper.

A piece of paper that only outlines what I could fit on one page, not the full extent to what I can offer a company. And here’s a newsflash dear future employers, a resume and cover letter is virtually the same thing. If you would like to know more about what you see on my resume, why do you ask for a whole nutha document that repeats what you just saw, instead of calling me in for an interview to elaborate? I guess that makes too much sense.

I just want to be great at life. Get a nice paying job, that I enjoy working day-to-day, in a well-populated area and network with kick ass coworkers. Is that so much to ask for?? Like really, am I being extra for wanting all those things at the same same time? The desperation of future unemployment in a month hasn’t set in yet, I still feel like something could happen for me in a month. But I also allow thoughts of poverty, repossession and unemployment line seep into the back of my mind.

I can honestly say that this is growing experience and God is teaching me all types of lessons. I had a plan, and right now He is up there tee-hee(ing) all over Heaven. That’s cool, I’m just trying to keep the faith. I know you only have to have faith the size of a mustard seed, I’m glad, because that’s about what I got right now.

I know there’s someone out there that feels my pain. We gone make it, I promise. In the meantime, send up a prayer (or 2) for me. Oh and send me job links for careers in higher education in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area too 😉

Stay Employed Encouraged,

Ashley La’Shae

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